Deepcopy of JavaScript Objects and Arrays using lodash’s cloneDeep method

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While developing JavaScript applications, often we need to make copies of Objects or Arrays containing Objects. Then we want to work with those copies without affecting the original objects. In a common scenario, we are going to deal with a simple, one level Object (an Object without other Objects nested inside), like in the following […]

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How to run Angular tests on CI Docker Container with Chrome

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In this article, we are going to learn how to run the tests of an Angular solution generated with @angular/cli into a Docker Container without changing any of the initial configuration generated by @angular/cli. This is very important in the context of Continuous Integration workflow when you want to run your tests as you commit […]

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Angular how to dynamically inject a component to DOM

Note: given the semver adopted from now on by Angular team, I will refer to all versions of Angular2+ as Angular. For the old Angular 1.x, I will use AngularJs In this post, we’ll take a look on how to dynamically inject a component into the DOM using a directive as a placeholder and ViewContainerRef Angular class. For simplicity, we will declare a new […]

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